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Do you want to be original? Imagine you are inventing a product, decorating a room, shopping for a new car, writing a thank you note or suffering from a summer cold. Can you focus in your mind’s eye to see the vision of something new and original that you want to create? Imagination is an important factor in achieving success in many areas of life and this original card game is designed to practice imagination skills.

The ability to clearly imagine something can improve with practice and a vision helps you create what you want in your original life journey.

Original Odyssey is a deck of 33 cards designed to enhance imagination skills through improvisational play. The 33 cards come in a bag and include a trial subscription to Foreverbird’s collaboration studio where you have an opportunity to grow your imagination and communication skills with others. The imagination techniques are based on depth psychology concepts on how new ideas emerge from the unconscious mind. I love the structure behind of this game, but I will spare you the details here.


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or request a free DIY download TODAY email The pre-order is taking place on and there are several options there for pricing. You can purchase cards and  a 1-hour consultation on the basics of active imagination.

Testimonials on Original Odyssey card game players

Thank, Exercise, Dream. My beloved soulmate Bindi, the four-legged love of my life and my rock, passed away 6 months ago today after over 14 years by my side. I thank her for blessing my life with her presence. To honor her, we’ll take an evening walk together. Exercise our bodies and souls, lighten our spirits and feel the breeze on our faces. And I will dream of her, of our meeting again, and maybe of the possibility of love and companionship again.” –  Jane

“Loved my 3 this morning! I’m not sure what will manifest today, but they already jolted a fun memory of going down to the creek and having a mud fight with my kids .”  – Holly

“I started the daily emails because it sounded like fun.  To my surprise, I eagerly look forward to them.  It’s quite amazing how three random words can generate contemplation, recognition, and joy in the events of the day.” – Karen

Yoga. Garden. Love. Today’s words inspired me to finally go out and buy a couple of “butterfly loving” plants to add to my birds and butterfly garden. As I went out to clean and prune back my lion’s tail plants in preparation for planting my new acquisitions, I looked up to see a beautiful hummingbird checking out my new deep purple salvia. Namaste!” – Holly

“Only the Love element was manifest today.  But it was perfect.  Catching up on filing and organizing ‘stuff’, I came across a birthday card from my mate of 58 years.  It said that I was his sweetheart, soul mate, and friend for life, and that I was loved from head to sweet patootie.  That made me feel great all day.” – Dee

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About the original images on the cards

The imagery used in this game comes from an original series of my digital artwork that spans a four-year period of time. The style is playful and represents the inner child’s creativity and freedom. I’m a conceptual artist creating mixed media images inspired by life experience and observation. My images invite the viewer on a journey of self-exploration because they have emerged out of an autobiographical digital collage process and reflect a surrealist dream aesthetic. To see the cards request a free DIY download in an email to

celebratory launch party of mask making and creative games is planned for project funders on November 1st, 2015.

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