Artist Diary Cards

Join a 30 min class, get an introduction to Original Odyssey artist diary and how I use it for imaginative games. Practicing art activates psychological and physical alchemy, an artist diary accelerates my creative process and provides motivating energy. If you are curious about your creative potential, try working with this deck in private practice. If you believe that the world is a better place when art is everywhere, then join with other creative people in imaginative games! Buy the deck or make your deck.

What are art journals for?

The ability to clearly imagine, and create, something can improve with practice and help individuals on their path in life’s unique journey. Can you focus your mind’s eye and see what you want now? Suppose you want to invent something new, decorate a room, find new shoes, write a book or feel better. Imagination is an influential factor in achieving success in many areas of life and Original Odyssey – beautiful artist puzzle is a creative art journal designed to practice imagination and creative skills.

Who uses the Original Odyssey cards and why?

As an artist, I have used many tools to help with my productivity and creative energy. I designed the cards for personal use and creative collaborations with others. I passionately believe that the world is a better place with creative people in it who collaborate and support one another!

Beginner Lesson On How To Use The Cards

  1. color in the blank landscape on the back of the cards
  2. imagine how to adapt a card game to this deck
  3. write on one of the cards
  4. add a sticker to your favorite

because the cards are made for writing on them, over time, your deck will turn into a record of creative work that becomes like a little personal art portfolio

The game’s light-hearted and fantasy-like tone, not only allow players to have fun, but it also facilitates a high degree of mental stimulation. Played alone Original Odyssey focuses imagination, adding a second player turns the game towards collaboration while additional players expand communication skills.  This trifecta of imagination, collaboration, and communication, coupled with the highly visual/artistic angle of the game, are part of the essential functions that can increase a quality of life and health regardless of a players’ age or artistic ability.

The imagery used in this game comes from a series of digital artwork by Mitra Cline (that’s me) that spans a four-year period. The style is playful and represents the inner child’s creativity and freedom. We often hear the key to staying sharp includes physical exercise, healthy eating, and mental stimulation, but how many times has the doctor recommended creating art, having fun and playing social games?  With the release of a recent May Clinic study linking making art to preventing cognitive decline, however, we may have a new excuse to spend time creating and playing games.


Thank, Exercise, Dream. My beloved soulmate Bindi, the four-legged love of my life and my rock, passed away six months ago today after over 14 years by my side. I thank her for blessing my life with her presence. To honor her, we’ll take an evening walk together. Exercise our bodies and souls, lighten our spirits and feel the breeze on our faces. And I will dream of her, of our meeting again, and maybe of the possibility of love and companionship again.” –  Jane

“Loved my three this morning! I’m not sure what will manifest today, but they already jolted a fun memory of going down to the creek and having a mud fight with my kids .”  – Holly

“I started the daily emails because it sounded like fun.  To my surprise, I eagerly look forward to them.  It’s quite amazing how three random words can generate contemplation, recognition, and joy in the events of the day.” – Karen

Yoga. Garden. Love. Today’s words inspired me to finally go out and buy a couple of “butterfly loving” plants to add to my birds and butterfly garden. As I went out to clean and prune back my lion’s tail plants in preparation for planting my new acquisitions, I looked up to see a beautiful hummingbird checking out my new deep purple salvia. Namaste!” – Holly

“Only the Love element was manifest today.  But it was perfect.  Catching up on filing and organizing ‘stuff’, I came across a birthday card from my mate of 58 years.  It said that I was his sweetheart, soul mate, and friend for life, and that I was loved from head to sweet patootie.  That made me feel great all day.” – Dee

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