Imagination: Action Question

In this video I talk about how to ask an action question with the cards. My questions is, ‘What is my pet is thinking?’. I recently gave my dog a hair cut and I also gave him some flee medication so he has been a little unhappy with me. What can I do to make him feel better? I decided to pull 3 cards and see what creative ideas came to mind. In the end I realized I should quit working with the video and take him for a walk! Which is what i did and I’m happy to report Lucky is in better spirits – and currently dreaming away.

This is a more advanced way of asking a question because it asks you to also include a creative activity as part of the process. It also uses a unique aspect of the design of this deck, and that is the 3 suites; inside, art and outside. I hope you enjoy asking questions in the way and that you have lots of creative ideas that come from it!

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