Creativity: New Ideas and Inspiration

To win at Original Odyssey you need to come up with a new idea and inspiration. This concept is more advanced because it requires the both sides of the brain to work in harmony. To have a new idea requires that you have some concept of past ideas and to be inspired results in something tangible. The process of moving between ideas and feeling through to action in creative form is not always easy. How does a person create what they imagine? How does a person turn excitement into productivity? For the more advanced creative person the crossing back and forth between the two worlds, real and imaginary, is fun but sometimes we get stuck. This deck is designed to help artists get back into the groove when they are stuck. It is also designed to help creative people learn how to communicate with each other – as no two creative types approach a project in exactly the same way. The potential for non verbal communication, using the cards as a tool to improvise collaborative games, makes Original Odyssey perfect for getting to know others in situations where innovation requires team effort. I love to hear about flashes of insight – if you want to share your ideas or inspiration experience please do!

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